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Ludwig Oxford’s Olly Featherstone has been awarded an Early Career Excellent Teacher award by the Medical Sciences Division Teaching Excellence Awards.

We are delighted to celebrate Oliver Featherstone’s recent success in being awarded an Early Career Excellent Teacher award at the 2023 MSD Teaching Excellence Awards.

The Teaching Excellence Awards scheme has been running for 17 years, recognising excellence in teaching, supervision, organisation and development of teaching, and support for teaching and learning, within a research-intensive environment.

Olly, a full-time DPhil candidate in the Goding lab who also has lectureships at St John’s, St Hugh’s and Corpus Christi colleges, has received this award due to his outstanding work in delivering tutorials and classes in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry for all undergraduate year groups and Human Metabolism as a pre-clinical course for medical students. Olly works hard to encourage a true depth of understanding of the subject material and to allow students to gain confidence in their own capabilities. He also employs innovative methods to encourage students to consider science in practice and has been praised by his students for his relaxed and informal tutorial style whilst still giving them confidence for exam success. Olly’s previous experience as a biochemistry undergraduate at the University has enabled him to orient his teaching towards students’ exam success, helping his students to consistently score highly in their exams and feel confidence progressing through their degree.

Congratulations to Olly and all the other recipients in this award series!