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Ellie (Eleanor) Barnes

Professor of Hepatology and Experimental Medicine

Stephen B. Baylin

Visiting Professor of Cancer Epigenetics

Francesco Boccellato

Leadership Fellow

Lieping Chen

Visiting Professor in Cancer Immunotherapy

Stefan N. Constantinescu

Senior Group Leader

Benoit Van den Eynde

Professor of Tumour Immunology

Colin Goding

Professor of Oncology

Mads Gyrd-Hansen

Associate Professor

Skirmantas Kriaucionis

Associate Professor

Parinaz Mehdipour

Leadership Fellow

Pedro Moura Alves

Leadership Fellow

Peter Ratcliffe

Professor of Clinical Medicine

Jens Rittscher

Professor of Engineering Science

Benjamin Schuster-Böckler

Principal Investigator

Yang Shi

Principal Investigator

Chunxiao Song

Principal Investigator

Sarah De Val

Associate Professor