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Adam Norton-Steele

DPhil Student

Research Interests

My research involves developing organoid models and using them to investigate the dynamics of clonal heterogeneity in adenomas. I am researching how specific clones influence their neighbours in aberrant epithelial tissue and aim to understand the interactions between mutant epithelial tissue and nervous tissue. The computational element of my research involves developing SPOT, a framework for quantitative phenotype detection and analysis. This approach is applicable to phenotypes of all kinds and across all levels of biological organisation. I will be using SPOT alongside my in vitro work to analyse high-throughput screens carried out on organoid models.


Before starting at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, I studied Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford. My MBiol research involved using fission yeast as a model to investigate a polymerase epsilon subunit 2 germline mutation associated with colorectal and endometrial cancers. My other prior research experience includes coding elements of a spatial omics pipeline at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, and developing transgenic crop plant lines with improved photosynthetic efficiency for the RIPE Project at the University of Illinois.