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Anandhakumar Chandran

Post-doctoral Fellow

Chemical modifications of nucleotides have significant effects on cellular processes, notably in a cancerous environment. These modifications are often the result of DNA damage and may serve as mutagenic intermediates. I am interested in understanding the genome-wide role of these modifications and am also developing tools for sequencing single cell epigenetic modifications.  

I received a Master’s Degree in Marine Genomics from Madurai Kamaraj University, India. Following this, I joined Madras Veterinary College as a Senior Research Fellow to explore shark immunology. This experience enabled me to evaluate and understand the interplay between chemistry and biological systems. Motivated to study this further, I explored the role of global gene expression profiling on small-molecule mediated cellular re-programming for my doctoral thesis with Professor H. Sugiyama’s Chemical Biology Group in Kyoto University, Japan.