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Hiromi Tagoh

Post-doctoral Fellow

Research interests

I have always been interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that govern cellular differentiation. One of these mechanisms is gene regulation. I previously studied the regulation of lineage-specific genes by lineage-specific transcription factors. Now I am studying the role of a general epigenetic feature, namely DNA modifications, in transcriptional regulation. I believe our study will provide a deeper understanding of cell differentiation and its mis-regulation, which can lead to tumorigenesis.


I obtained my PhD from Osaka University in Japan. During this time, I developed an interest in B lymphocyte differentiation. In 1999, I moved to Leeds for my postdoc to study gene regulation and chromatin structure. In the second half of my time in Leeds, I combined my main interests in B cell differentiation and epigenetic regulations. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to continue working on and being interested in these themes.