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Paul Miller

Paul Miller

Clinical lecturer

Research interests

I am an NIHR clinical lecturer in medical oncology and I investigate how inflammation can initiate and promote cancer. Inflammation is a risk factor for the development of cancer, and an abnormal inflammatory response caused by the cancer is a hallmark of the disease. I use models of cancer development and inflammation to study the key drivers and suppressors of cancer. Understanding how normal inflammatory processes are altered by cancer could enable more effective chemotherapy to be designed to improve outcomes in patients with cancer.


After gaining a degree in cell biology at Durham University I studied graduate medicine at Cambridge University. As an academic foundation doctor at The Christie in Manchester, I developed an interest in brain tumour imaging. I’ve been in Oxford since 2010, initially as an academic clinical fellow, before completing a CRUK clinical research training fellowship in the laboratory of Professor Xin Lu. I started medical oncology training in 2016 and became an NIHR clinical lecturer in 2018.

Other activities

I am a member of the NCRI brain tumour clinical studies group and I’m completing an MSc in Medical Education.

Recent publications

More publications