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Ludwig Oxford 10th Anniversary Symposium, September 2017


Xin Lu:

Well welcome everyone to this 10 year anniversary of Ludwig Oxford

Ed McDermott:

It’s wonderful that so many could be here to join us for the celebration of this special occasion. 

Sir John Bell:

The programme in the next couple of days shows how exciting and diverse the scientific endeavour has become.

Ed McDermott:

Ludwig Cancer Research represents a world leading cancer research enterprise. The goal is to alter the course of cancer, to reduce its devastating burden on the world.

What brings you to the symposium?

Chi Van Dang, Scientific Director, Ludwig Cancer Research:

I think it’s really an exciting time to meet people, being able to see the entire family coming together at this meeting with a broad spectrum of research that’s being done.

George Coukos, Ludwig Lausanne:

It’s a wonderful opportunity to see the Ludwig community, meet a lot of colleagues from the Oxford branch but also from other branches.

Ece Aufarth, Ludwig New York:

It was very interesting for me to see the people who I email back and forth with for the first time and hearing about their science.

Mads Gyrd Hansen, Ludwig Oxford:

I think it’s a really exciting opportunity to interact and meet with other Ludwig researchers both at the centres and branches around the world and really get to hear what they are doing at the moment.

Frank Funari, Ludwig San Diego:

It’s great to get together with our worldwide colleagues. It’s been a really excellent experience to see the diversity of what we do.

Jed Wolchok, Ludwig MSK:

Certainly the progress that’s been made here is fantastic and also the opportunity to interact with all the Ludwig colleagues in this really important academic environment.

What makes Ludwig Oxford distinct?

Ed McDermott, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ludwig Cancer Research:

The Oxford branch plays a crucial role. It’s a core branch, it’s a focal point for our cancer research effort globally so our success depends on their success.

Virginia Schmid, Ludwig Oxford:

Ludwig Oxford provides us with a great community to interact, collaborate, and learn from each other, and it also provides us with a fantastic infrastructure to do our science.

Mads Gyrd Hansen, Ludwig Oxford:

I think one of the most remarkable achievements for the branch is how well it has been integrated into the Oxford research community and I think that’s really a testament both to our director, Xin Lu, but of course also us as PIs within the branch.

George Demetri, Ludwig Harvard:

It’s so exciting to see Ludwig Oxford grow so much. I remember when Xin first came here and it’s an incredible research environment and we see the product of that now.

How is Ludwig Oxford helping to generate new ideas in cancer research?

Karen Vousden, Ludwig Scientific Advisory Committee:

I can’t imagine a better start for a young scientist to come to the Ludwig Institute. The whole community is just so supportive that I think that if you are going to do well, this is the place to do it.

Derek Leske, Ludwig Oxford:

The collaborative nature, not only of the Ludwig, but Oxford as a whole is really excellent with the number of groups that are here to gain some resources from.

Roberta Baronio, Ludwig Oxford:

There is a great combination of basic research that gives us the feel as a postdoc. It’s different, the feeling to contribute to the next generation of therapy.

Peter Ratcliffe, Ludwig Oxford:

It’s great to have new young PIs, enthusiastic people coming up, bubbling up with ideas and that’s a terrific thing for the branch.

Karen Vousden:

Ludwig has a really important role to play in promoting young investigators, young, smart scientists to give them really the best start in their scientific life.

Concluding remarks

Chi Van Dang:

As a community of scientists Ludwig Cancer Research has the depth and scientific powers to really shape the landscape of cancer research. We, together can make a difference.


Ludwig Cancer Research. Life-changing science.