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As part of the Scientists in Schools programme, Dr Carol Leung and Oliver Featherstone give talks to students on their work in cancer research.

The Scientists in Schools program works to bring researchers into the classroom, to engage students and aspiring young scientists with exciting current research topics.

Oliver Featherstone, a DPhil student in the Goding group, participated in the “Cutting Edge Science” symposium at St Edwards School, Oxford, where he gave an insight into the future of cancer therapies, including immunotherapies.

Dr Carol Leung from the Van den Eynde group at Ludwig Oxford, who has previously participated in the Scientists in Schools programme, gave a further talk on her research into immunotherapies for cancer treatment at the “Defence Against the Dark Arts” symposium at Little Heath School, Tilehurst. Following the talk, students had the opportunity to discuss Carol’s work in breakout groups and to ask her questions.

“I was really impressed with the thoughtful discussions had by students and the interesting questions that they asked me about our work in cancer immunotherapy. It’s encouraging to see that the next generation of scientists is so enthusiastic about the progress we can make in cancer research.”

Find out more about Dr Carol Leung’s work in the Van den Eynde group and Oliver Featherstone’s work in the Goding group on our website.

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