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Vacancy postdoctoral researcher in cancer research

Vacancy: Postdoctoral Researcher in Cancer Research


Grade 7: £32,236 - £39,609 p.a.

Vacancy senior group leader in infection inflammation and cancer epigenetics

Vacancy: Senior Group Leader in Infection, Inflammation and Cancer Epigenetics


Grade 10: £54,765 - £63,463 with a discretionary range to £69,331 p.a.

Link between hypoxia sensing and immune regulation

Link between hypoxia sensing and immune regulation

New findings from Peter Ratcliffe's and Chris Pugh's research groups.

Vacancy postdoctoral research scientist in epigenetics

Vacancy: Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Epigenetics


Grade 7: £32,236 - £39,609 p.a.

Ludwig oxford at the headington festival 2019

Ludwig Oxford at the Headington Festival 2019

Public Engagement

On Sunday 2nd June, Ludwig Oxford took part in the Headington Festival in Bury Knowle Park to engage with members of the Headington community.

Ludwig oxford welcomes two new pis

Ludwig Oxford welcomes two new group leaders

We are delighted to welcome two new group leaders to Ludwig Oxford. Dr Francesco Boccellato and Dr Pedro Moura Alves join us as Leadership Fellows to expand the Branch’s research into infection and cancer.

Mads gyrd hansen awarded wellcome trust senior research fellowship renewal

Mads Gyrd-Hansen awarded Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship renewal

Congratulations to Ludwig Oxford’s Mads Gyrd-Hansen, whose Senior Research Fellowship has been renewed by the Wellcome Trust. This > £1 million 5 year award will support the continuation of his research into ubiquitin signalling in immune responses.

Peter ratcliffe elected to association of american physicians

Peter Ratcliffe elected to Association of American Physicians

Ludwig Oxford’s Peter Ratcliffe was elected to the Association of American Physicians, a non-profit, professional organisation founded in 1885 for “the advancement of scientific and practical medicine.” The Association is composed of competitively selected members who are leading senior physician scientists.

Ludwig oxford at aacr

Ludwig Oxford at AACR

Researchers from Ludwig Oxford are presenting their work at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in Atlanta, USA, March 29 – April 3, 2019.

New rna methylation detection method

New RNA methylation detection method

DNA methylation has been well studied and is known to influence development and disease. In contrast, the dearth of suitable RNA methylation sequencing methods has meant that much less is known about these modifications.

Melanoma research

Melanoma research

BRN2 reprogrammes DNA repair and promotes survival in melanoma

Reducing melanoma risk in redheads

Reducing melanoma risk in redheads

People with red hair carry variants of the MC1R gene, which puts them at increased risk of developing melanoma.

Oesophageal cancer awareness month

Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Month

Ludwig Oxford research is helping to combat this devastating disease.

Understanding specification of venous identity

Understanding specification of venous identity

Arteries and veins have different types of endothelium but it is unclear how these molecular and functional differences are specified during development.

Former ludwig oxford phd student featured in journal of cell science

Former Ludwig Oxford PhD student featured in Journal of Cell Science

The Journal of Cell Science has interviewed former Ludwig Oxford PhD student Norbert Volkmar as part of their “First Person” features.

Why cancer spreads

Why cancer spreads

Cancer metastasis is the primary cause of cancer-related death but it is unclear why cancer cells migrate away from the original tumour site.

Christmas raffle for sobell house

Christmas raffle for Sobell House

Public Engagement

Staff and students from NDM, Oncology, IBME and NDORMS raised £700 for Sobell House in the Christmas raffle organised by our laboratories manager Dr Stan Ng. Thanks to all contributors and corporate donors Eppendorf UK, SLS, NEBiolabs UK and Promega UK!

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