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Scientists at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Oxford are investigating what goes wrong inside cells to cause cancer. The more we understand about how cancer cells behave and the differences among cancers, the better we will be able to diagnose and treat cancer in the future.

For example, several of our research groups investigate the ways in which the genetic code inside each cell is controlled in response to signals that the cell receives. The signalling and the regulation of genes is often different in cancer cells compared to normal cells.

Public engagement

Public engagement is a broad term for a range of activities that connect the general public with research and researchers. Our scientists are committed to engaging the public with research.

Examples of events that Ludwig researchers have participated in recently include the Oxfordshire Science Festival, Pint of Science, Oxford Open Doors, Abingdon ATOM Festival of Science and Technology and activities at local schools. We also regularly host work experience students.

Energetic runners from Ludwig Oxford ran in the annual Oxford Town and Gown, raising money for Cancer Research UK in 2023.

Montage of Ludwig Oxford runners, all wearing Oxford Blue running vests with Ludwig Oxford branding

Our researchers also attended Headington Festival, talking about the science carried out at Ludwig Oxford to the wider community and playing fun science-based games designed to interest the next generation in cancer research.

Claudia Zagami, a DPhil student from Francesco Boccellato’s group, gave a talk at the TEDx Youth in Varese in June 2021: