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Dr Mads Gyrd-Hansen, a Ludwig Oxford researcher at the University of Oxford, has received a prestigious Sapere Aude DFF Starting Grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research, to investigate the role of ubiquitin in controlling innate immune signalling and inflammation.

A photo of Mads Gyrd-Hansen with a bunch of flowers after receiving his honourThe objective of the Sapere Aude Starting Grant is to give the very best researchers who have achieved outstanding results in their field an opportunity to develop and strengthen their research ideas.  Dr Gyrd-Hansen attended an awards ceremony for the Sapere Aude Starting Grant in Denmark on 6th February 2014 and he was awarded a diploma by the Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science.

Dr Gyrd-Hansen said: “I am honoured to have received such a prestigious grant. It will enable me to initiate a long-term and ambitious project to answer key questions about how communication in the immune system works.”