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Congratulations to Dr Tammie Bishop who will give the R Jean Banister Prize Lecture Series in 2023

The Physiology Society is Europe’s largest network of physiologists, comprising over 4000 scientists from over 60 countries. The Society aims to promote collaboration and the next generation of physiologists to expand physiological knowledge, to facilitate the development of new diagnostics, treatments and preventative measures for disease.

Each year, the Society awards a number of Prize Lectures. The R Jean Banister Prize Lecture Series is given by early career physiologists. The lectures are delivered at three or four locations around the UK and Ireland, with interested institutions inviting the recipient to showcase their research.

Next year’s R Jean Banister Prize Lecture Series will be given by Dr Tammie Bishop, a University Research Lecturer who leads a research group within Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe’s laboratory. Her research focuses on the role of the hypoxia-inducible factor, HIF-2, in the carotid body. The carotid body is a cluster of chemoreceptor cells which mediate the change in breathing in response to low oxygen (hypoxia). She also studies cancers of this and related tissues (collectively termed pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas, PPGLs), in which the HIF pathway is commonly mutated.

Many congratulations to Tammie!

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