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The 8th March annually celebrates Women's achievements and we are delighted to celebrate the women researchers, students and staff within Ludwig Oxford

Ludwig Oxford is delighted to highlight our fantastic women researchers, staff and students this International Women’s Day. We look to celebrate the outstanding work done by all the researchers in our various teams, and to highlight the research groups within Ludwig Oxford led by our fantastic women PIs and group leaders:

Professor Xin Lu – As director of Ludwig Oxford, Xin leads both her research team, focusing on cancer biology and cellular plasticity, and also the entire Branch in their efforts to research and treat cancer. She is also the director of OxCODE (Oxford Centre for Early Cancer Detection).

Dr Parinaz Mehdipour – Since joining Ludwig Oxford in 2021, Pari, a leadership fellow with a research group focused on epigenetic dysregulation, has led her team to explore new ways in which epigenetic regulation and RNA modifications can be exploited to improve cancer treatment. Pari also co-leads the Branch’s EDI committee.

Dr Marketa Tomkova – Marketa re-joined the Ludwig in 2023 as a leadership fellow, having previously carried out her DPhil studies within Ludwig Oxford. Her team now look to study mechanisms of how mutagenesis and epigenomics together and independently cause cancer. Marketa has taken control of the Branch’s Journal club, running weekly sessions with the DPhil students at Ludwig Oxford.

Professor Helen Byrne – A professor of mathematical biology, Helen is a joint appointment with Ludwig Oxford and Maths, and her team develops and analyses mathematical and computational models that describe biomedical systems, in particular cancer and its treatment.

Professor Ellie Barnes – A Ludwig Adjunct Scholar – Ellie leads a research group focusing on applied immunology relevant to liver disease, including cancer. Ellie is also the associate director of OxCODE (Oxford Centre for Early Cancer Detection).

Professor Bethan Psaila – A Ludwig Adjunct Scholar – Bethan’s research group studies megakaryocytes, applying state-of-the-art single-cell approaches to clarify the cellular pathways by which megakaryocytes arise from haematopoietic stem cells.

Professor Sarah De Val – A Ludwig Adjunct Scientist – Sarah’s group focuses heavily on understanding the vascular system, looking at how blood vessels grow, differentiate and regress. Sarah co-leads the Ludwig Oxford EDI committee and plays a lead role in our ongoing strategy to implement the policies developed by the EDI committee.  

Professor Tammie Bishop – Tammie is a group leader within the Ratcliffe group with a research team investigating the role of hypoxia signalling pathway components and how they are related to cancer. Tammie is also heavily involved in Public Outreach.

Dr Carol Leung – Carol is a group leader within the Van den Eynde group whose team focuses on tumour immunology. The group are interested in the development of novel immunotherapies against cancer. Carol is also a tutor of the UNIQ summer school programme.