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Ludwig Oxford’s Sarah De Val was selected to give the prestigious John French lecture at the British Cardiovascular Society Spring Meeting in Manchester. The lecture commemorates the work of John French, a vascular pathologist from the Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford, and is given by an early career scientist of exceptional promise. Sarah talked about her work on blood vessels in development and disease. (Image Copyright Jane Goodall 2018)

A cartoon drawn during Sarah De Val's John French lecture at the British Cardiovascular Society meeting 2018 entitled "An enhancer based appraoch to study blood vessel development in health and disease." Words that have been jotted down include "angiogenesis", "still so many questions", "vasculature is heterogenous", "How? What are the signals?" "Pro-angiogenic tip", "MEF2 KO, less sprouting", "Sprout-specific factors", "Dysfunctional vasculature?", "used enhancer reporters to light up vessels of different identities", "Does damaged heart inhibit angiogenesis/grow wrong type of vessel?","Watch this space?"© Jane Goodall 2018