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Digital pathology transformation in a supraregional germ cell tumour network

Journal article

Colling R. et al, (2021), Diagnostics, 11

EndoUDA: A Modality Independent Segmentation Approach for Endoscopy Imaging

Journal article

Celik N. et al, (2021), 303 - 312

Artificial intelligence for colonoscopic polyp detection: High performance versus human nature.

Journal article

East JE. and Rittscher J., (2020), Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology, 35, 1663 - 1664

Multi-scale sensorless adaptive optics: application to stimulated emission depletion microscopy

Journal article

Antonello J. et al, (2020), Optics Express, 28, 16749 - 16749

Endoscopy disease detection challenge 2020

Journal article

Ali S. et al, (2020)

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