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Ian McFarlane

DPhil Student

Research Interests

Based between the maths department and the Ludwig institute, my work focuses on modelling homeostasis in gastric glands. While experiments investigating such a complex system can have many associated cost and time constraints, abstracting to mathematical models allow us to test hypotheses before performing validating experiments. Using mathematical modelling to develop physically realistic models, I aim to help to improve the understanding of how the cells in a gastric gland organise themselves and maintain a healthy epithelium, and what processes break down causing glands to enter a pre-cancerous state. My work is motivated by the expertise and experimental data gathered by the Boccellato lab.


After graduating from Oxford with an MMath in 2017, I then moved to London to work as an actuary for four years. In 2021, I decided to return to the academic world and started my DPhil. at Oxford on the SABS:R3 course, with a view to working on mathematical biology.