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Linna Zhou

Linna Zhou

Investigator, Martin School Fellow

My current research uses stem cell and bioengineering techniques to build 3D multicellular tissues. These tissues are being developed for implantation as well as for the investigation of disease mechanisms.  In particular, I am interested in building patterned 3D neural tissues using iPSC-derived neural stem cells and extracellular matrix. With collaborators, we are studying the implantation of patterned neural tissues in damaged brains. Further, I am also interested in incorporating neural cells in bioengineered gastrointestinal tissues. Such neuro-gastrointestinal tissues can be used to study the role of neural cells in cancer progression and metastasis.

I have a multidisciplinary background working across the fields of medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, biology, and bioengineering, which I enjoy applying to the study of complex biological systems.