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Matthew Harris

DPhil Student

Research interests

While m6A modifications on RNA have been know about for decades, extensive methods for understanding them are only just being developed. The methyltransferase enzymes responsible for the modifications were recently identified, leaving much to be learnt about them.

The work of my PhD involves studying this class of methyltransferases. The project is joint between the Shi group in the Ludwig & the Schofield group in the Chemistry department. I hope to use chemical techniques to better understand the biochemistry of the enzymes and then apply that to cellular biology.


I did my undergraduate and masters in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. There I specialised in organic/biological chemistry & completed a MSci project on stapled peptides with Prof David Spring. Other noteworthy experience includes a summer research project on hydrogenases with Prof Kylie Vincent & time at Entomics Biosystems Ltd.