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Mengjie Li

DPhil Student

Research Interests

The mechanisms underlying the role of different RNA modifications have shown great potential to improve cancer treatment. Pseudouridine is the most abundant RNA modification and impacts the function and conformation of target RNAs. However, how dysregulation of these RNA modifications contributes to tumorigenesis of distinct cancer types remains elusive. During my DPhil, I intend to decipher the role of pseudouridine RNA modification in tumorigenesis of colorectal cancer and to understand how this RNA modification regulates gene expression.


Before joining the Mehdipour group at the Ludwig Institute, I received my Bachelor’s degree at Imperial College London where I undertook a research internship at AstraZeneca to optimise antibody conjugate drug production. After that, I completed my master's degree in Pharmacology at the University of Oxford where my thesis studied the effects of knocking out specific enzymes in model liver tissue on cardiovascular function.