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Shreepriya Das

Post-doctoral Fellow

Research interests

TET-Assisted Pyridine-borane Sequencing (TAPS) is a recently developed novel sequencing method to measure epigenetic DNA modifications. TAPS does not involve bisulphite treatment, but instead uses a mild enzymatic reaction to oxidize methylated cytosine to carboxyl-cytosine, which is further converted to di-hydroxy-uracil in a reaction catalysed by pyridine-borane, which is read as thymine after PCR and sequencing. I am primarily interested in novel and efficient computational tools for processing TAPS data, including improved algorithmic schemes. These tools are expected to be of vital importance for analysing various cancer datasets.


I grew up in Kolkata, India and went to the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur for my undergraduate studies. I obtained my PhD from The University of Texas at Austin, USA. Subsequently I have held post-doctoral positions at Harvard Medical School and The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.