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Silvia Panetti

Post-doctoral Fellow

research interests

I am an immunologist with a strong interest in the interplay between immune system and cancer. My previous research explored the role of the immunosuppressive microenvironment created at the solid tumour site by pro-tumour cells, such as myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSCs), and the impact on the autologous and the engineered anti-cancer immunity. Here, in the van den Eynde Group at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, I apply my expertise on the tumour microenvironment in the context of cancer vaccines and the stimulation of an antigen-specific T cell response.


Originally from Italy, I moved to the UK to study a BSc in Medical Genetics at Swansea University.
I obtained my MRes in Cancer Sciences and PhD in Immunology and Immunotherapy from the University of Birmingham where I investigated amino acid depletion as a strategy of immunosuppression at the tumour site. In particular, I explored novel ways to address nutrient starvation in the context of cell therapies (i.e. CAR-T cells), in order to improve their persistence and efficacy within the solid tumour microenvironment.