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Sungyong Kim

Sungyong Kim

Senior Laboratory Support and Sequencing Officer

Professional services role

I am the Senior Laboratory Support and Sequencing Officer for the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. I am responsible for supporting laboratory staff, troubleshooting and maintenance of assigned laboratory equipment, principally sequencing related. I will provide sequencing projects support and take care of the institute’s sequencing assets. I will provide guidance on general laboratory practices together with the Institute’s senior laboratory manager. I’m here to engage at the beginning of sequencing projects, give advice and training on operations, and keep up to date with sequencing technologies to support research groups.


Before joining the Ludwig Institute, I worked at Karolinska Institute, Sweden as a senior laboratory manager at group level and worked on B cell recognition and function. I applied next generation sequencing to decipher expressed immune repertoires to understand levels of affinity maturation. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA.

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