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Yunyi Wang

DPhil Student

Research interests

Progenitor T cells can be activated to become effective by antigens. However, studies have shown that prolonged exposure to antigen (e.g. in the case of cancer) will drive T cells into an 'exhausted' state where they gradually lose their functions. I am interested in studying the epigenetic regulators that contribute to this distinct T cell phenotype. I hope that this will lead to an increased knowledge of T cell immunity as well as possible therapeutics that inhibit T cell exhaustion in cancer patients.


Before starting my DPhil in the Clinical Medicine programme at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in 2021, I obtained my BA in Cell and Systems Biology at the University of Oxford. As part of my undergraduate study, I completed a project on pH regulation in cancer cells under the supervision of Prof. Pawel Swietach at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford.