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Read about how Oxford's experts - including Ludwig Oxford scientists - are leading the way in cancer prevention, detection and treatment as part of the University's Cancer at Oxford series

Cancer kills nearly 10 million people worldwide per year. Half of us in the UK will have cancer in our lifetime.

Whether environmental or genetic, modifiable or unavoidable, researchers at Oxford are uncovering the causes of cancer, including Ludwig Oxford's Francesco Boccellato, who is investigating the biology of stomach cancer development.

Oxford is leading the drive to detect cancer earlier, using big data to revolutionise cancer research and innovating with AI to improve diagnosis. The work of Ludwig Oxford's Ellie Barnes, Chunxiao Song and Benjamin Schuster-Böckler as part of the DeLIVER early detection of liver cancer consortium is highlighted.

Oxford experts are turning immune systems against tumours, creating vaccines against cancer and improving the outcomes for cancer patients worldwide by developing new therapies and improving existing ones, including research by Ludwig Oxford's Benoit Van den Eynde on a therapeutic cancer vaccine in lung cancer.


Read more on the Cancer at Oxford website.

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