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Drs Michael McClellan, Marketa Tomkova and Yurena Vivas-Garcia win CRUK Oxford Centre Development Fund awards to pump-prime their research.

The CRUK Oxford Centre Development Fund aims to to provide short-term, pump-priming funds to support innovative, proof-of-concept cancer research. Priority is given to projects with a clear translational trajectory, to early career researchers and for new collaborations between investigators.

Applications to the Development Fund are peer reviewed and ranked on criteria such as scientific quality, strategic relevance, translational potential, and feasibility. In this year’s funding round, two Ludwig Oxford projects were successful:

  • Drs Marketa Tomkova (Schuster-Böckler group) & Michael McClellan (Kriaucionis group) “Detection of non-clonal mutations and mutational signatures by single-molecule sequencing”
  • Dr Yurena Vivas-García (Goding group) “Identification of pathways driving resistance to drugs targeting fatty acid saturation in cancer”

Congratulations to Marketa, Michael and Yurena!