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On Sunday 2nd June, Ludwig Oxford took part in the Headington Festival in Bury Knowle Park to engage with members of the Headington community.

The Headington Festival is an annual event run by Headington Action that is attended by 1000s of local residents and features >50 stalls from local organisations plus a programme of live entertainment. We really enjoyed demonstrating various aspects of DNA packaging and the effects of DNA mutations to members of the public of all ages.

 Headington 2019 group 1 1600x900Headington 2019 group 2 1600x900

A huge thank you goes to Ying Bi, James Fielding, Brittany-Amber Jacobs, Corinne Lochmatter, Olivia Lombardi, Ruoshi Peng, Svanhild Nornes, Mirvat Surakhy, and Richard Lisle for volunteering.