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Ludwig Oxford’s Marketa Tomkova has been awarded the very first Czexpats in Science Award for her success in the field of genomics and DNA sequencing

We are delighted to celebrate Dr Marketa Tomkova’s recent acknowledgement as the first recipient of the prestigious Czexpats in Science Award. The award recognises young Czech scientists of all scientific disciplines who work abroad and have already achieved demonstrable successes in their field. The recipients have an active positive relationship with the Czech Republic and a clear vision of how to contribute to the future development of their field and society as a whole in accordance with the vision of Czexpats in Science.

Marketa’s research group focuses on understanding how mutagenesis and epigenomics interact to cause cancer and they look to use that knowledge for effective cancer prevention, detection and treatment. She has been chosen as the recipient due to her scientific excellence and her clear dedication to the future development of science and society.

The award is organised by Czexpats in Science and DIANA Biotechnologies, with a common goal to connect scientists working in Czechia and abroad, and help the Czech science to be open, global, and ambitious. The full article (written in Czech) can be found at the Czexpats in Science website.

Congratulations to Marketa on her achievement!



Please note photography credit to Jan Havlík.