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Anneliese Dodds, MP for Oxford East & Chair of the Labour Party, visited the University of Oxford to learn more about the impactful cancer research happening across departments, including Ludwig Oxford.

Anneliese Dodds MP, visited the Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre on the 26 November 2021 to tour the labs and buildings where cutting-edge cancer research is being undertaken, to drive patient-focused solutions to cancer challenges.

The visit formed part of a Cancer Research UK campaign to engage MPs in the important and impactful cancer research happening in cancer centres across the UK.

During Anneliese’s visit, she met with Ludwig Oxford researcher Dr Chunxiao Song at the Target Discovery Institute, whose TAPS technology is a major advancement in the field of early detection through blood-based testing.

Anneliese went on to meet with theme leaders in Cancer Big Data activity happening at the Big Data Institute. They discussed the important work happening through the use of electronic health records to identify and address health inequalities and improve the health care system. This was followed by a demonstration of the work by Ludwig Oxford Adjunct Professor Jens Rittscher and colleagues using AI to detect cancer in novel way, such as its applications in identifying oesophageal cancer through endoscopy videos. 

This article is modified from the full story about her tour on the Oxford Cancer webpage.

Jens Rittscher presents research data to Annaliese Dodds.Jens Rittscher presents research data to Annaliese Dodds.Chunxiao Song talking to Annaliese Dodds about cancer research technology.Chunxiao Song talking to Annaliese Dodds about cancer research technology.

Image credits: Oxford Cancer

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