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The launch event of Oxfordshire Science Festival, the Science in Your World Science Fair, took place on Saturday 8th March 2014. Over the course of the day more than 5,000 people visited the bustling mini-science fair in Bonn Square.

Visitors, both young and old, soaked up the sunshine and visited a diverse range of STEM-related stalls. A team of NDM staff and student volunteers presented an exciting collection of games and activities, which highlighted some of the exiting research taking place across the Department. Just some of the activities on offer were: cell hopscotch teaching children the functions of different cellular compartments, viral variation explained using multi-coloured chocolate eggs, a lifestyle choice and cancer risk card game, and the importance of vaccination explained with cuddly microbes and coloured wristband. The NDM stall was very well-received with plenty of enthusiastic comments from participants, and the syringe-shaped pens in high demand.

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